** Made to order with a 1-3 week lead time **

Speed - 20s2p P28A Battery

  • 20s2p battery made with Molicel P28A cells

  • Compatible with stock XR battery box

  • Highest speed - lightest weight

  • Fully insulated construction + clear wrap

  • Does not include ZBMS


Detailed Specifications:

  • 20s2p - Genuine Grade A Molicel P28A

  • 50A Continuous Current - 70A Peak

  • 84V Fully Charged - 72V Nominal - 60V Recommended Low Voltage Tiltback

  • 5.6Ah Nominal Capacity

  • 403Wh Nominal Energy

  • XT60 discharge connector with normal polarity

  • Balance wires configured for ZBMS

*Currently only offered within the lower 48 states, do not order if you are not within the continental US*

Contact us about shipping to Canada. Buyer is responsible for customs duty.